Angie McCormick

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

W.B. Yeats

My Passion

My passions come from who I am. My name is Angela McCormick; I grew up in the Texas hill country, raised by incredibly hard-working parents who loved learning and demonstrated a curiosity towards people and knowledge that colored how I saw the world. I now am blessed with my own family: my husband, and three amazing sons. We live in the Mediterranean region, and I have worked in the humanitarian sector in North Africa since 2006- focusing on community health education for women since 2015. To say that my identity as an apprentice of Jesus has shaped my life would be a dramatic understatement. Much of what I do personally and professionally grows from my strong belief that each human has innate dignity; and as a follower of Jesus, I am charged to honor, respect, and bless all.
Built upon that base, I enjoy exploring the beauty of nature through outdoor activities. I am grateful for the gift of connecting to others through storytelling, listening, and adventuring in community. I value creating more than I consume and appreciating the creativity of others. I am cognizant of the gift of learning and discovery and I hope to foster those gifts each day. I am thankful.

My Pursuit

My purpose in seeking to get my Masters of Science in Educational Human Resource Development with an emphasis on Adult Education was to look at my field experience in International Community Health Education and People Development, asking what worked well, what worked poorly, and examining and refining my reflections through the courses I took. My desire was to understand what produces long lasting change in the lives of the learners. My career objectives were two-fold, reaching both to direct instruction and curriculum creation, as well as developing and equipping a network of educators as they facilitate the learning circles themselves.

Regarding direct instruction, I was eager to learn how to increase the participant’s ability to receive, process, retain, and pass on lessons learned. As for curriculum creation, I sought to equip myself in quickening my skills of identifying what matters to learners, discerning and accessing their needs in order to craft the lessons to best attend to those needs.

My second career objective was in the area of developing and equipping my skills as I served the network of cross cultural community educators & influencers. I expected the program to assist me in more effectively mentoring and training those that I oversee.