Foundational Courses

I came to my course work with experiences and ideas. The courses listed below have helped to construct the bases and the boundaries that guided my studies for continual building.

Evaluation Models EHRD 618

This course was instrumental for me in distinguishing research from evaluation, as well as then immediately applying new ideas, practices, and methods through a hands-on, real-world project that our team constructed. Below you can view our final paper and power point presentation.

Change Theory EHRD 624

In this course we dove into theoretical foundations of change theory and explored it through individual, group and organizational lenses. We examined change management tools and techniques and analyzed them through change initiatives, companies, and our own personal experiences. Below are two assignments to characterize those analyses.

Organization Development and Performance EHRD 625

This course set up real-world working teams within our class and empowered us to synthesize the volumes of information and knowledge we were encountering about Organizational Development and Change through use and reflection. The opportunity to work so closely with a group on a project with significant potential for impact was a highlight. Below you will find our proposal video for the company as well as our final report.

Research and Development EHRD 627

This course helped to alleviate my intimidation towards the realm of research, and it’s out workings, through intentionally crafted introductions of concepts, terminology and practice by our professor. Below, is a research proposal which allowed me to intertwine my new learning from this course, my current multicultural context of Marseille, France, as well as my interest in the provocative sculpture Bleu de Chine by Bruno Catalano into an experiment to encourage dialogue, empathy, curiosity, and awareness in a community.

Adult Learning EHRD 630

EHRD 630 was the first class of my masters program. It also coincided with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020. These conditions together meant that the learning experiences in this class were happening with heightened insecurities and charged emotions personally and collectively. Dr. Roumell held space for us all to progress and learn despite the chaos around us. Her manner of teaching through ambiguity was a unanticipated part of my learning in this course! As for the anticipated outcomes, this course served perfectly to define and categorize elements of adult learning while helping me to more deeply integrate them into my personal story. Below are listed the assignments I have included.

Personal Learning/Teaching Journal, Academic Learning Audit, Habits of Mind Audit

Personal Learning/Teaching Journal, External Learning Audit, Learning Audit Action Plan

Book Review, On Teaching and Learning: Putting the Principles and Practices of Dialogue Education into Action, Dr. Jane Vella

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau, Walden