Looking Around and Ahead

The road goes ever on and on

-J.R.R. Tolkien

Current Plans and Possibilities

One of the best attributes of this learning journey is how applicable and translatable the principles and ideas are in a wide variety of settings. As I consider my current plans as well as my future possibilities, I am confidant that the learning I have done in these years will be put to work and expanded upon. I look forward to continue applying my learning into my professional role with Halqa Health Circles. Curriculum development, facilitator training, and new partnership formation in the coming year will bear the influence of this degree.

A dream would be to broaden the team that is supporting Halqa Health Circles in order to foster growth, health, and peace in new communities and more deeply into the communities where circles already exist.

Beyond my role within Halqa Health Circles, I am also eager to see the people development programs I am affiliated with evolve and grow in assisting individuals and groups actualize the transformation they are seeking.