Dynamic Courses

The courses listed below served to reorient and expand my thinking.

Program Development in Adult Education EHRD 642

This course covered incredible volumes of practical and tactical details involved in Program Development. Our learning group applied these skills through the creation of a hypothetical, yet real to life, project. Additionally, we were invited to explore and reflect on powerful questions regarding ethics and representation. The questions of who is at the planning table? who is not? and, why? continue to be insightful for me as I have had professional contexts to exercise this new learning. Below, you will find our comprehensive report and two videos that our group created in developing our program. The first is our program development project, and the second is an advertising commercial for the program we designed.

Adult Education, Globalization and Social Justice EHRD 643

This course lifted my personal perspective to investigate trends and macro dynamics impacting the globe and the adult education landscape therein. The subject matter and the dynamic class discussions invited me to problematize and own my assumptions in an effort to see wider, better, and with greater nuance. Below you will find my research paper and accompanying video looking into how North African countries are responding to the Incheon Declaration goals of equality and access to education as well as improving outcomes for women.

Introduction to Statistics EHRD 690

While many may groan at the mere mention of statistics, I am no longer one of them! This course and the excellent text* we used, served to spectacularly redefine my understanding and appreciation of the art and science of statistics. In addition to the affective effect, I also gained familiarity and competence with the nomenclature, calculation, and interpretation of basic statistics within the field of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Below, you will find a sample of the reaction papers written throughout the course. The greatest impact, however, of this course cannot be attached in the form of a paper or video, but rather is demonstrated each time I find myself curious and lingering over numbers, graphs, or statistics in my reading instead of quickly passing over them.

* Coolidge, F. (2013). Statistics: A Gentle Introduction (3ed Edition). Thousand Oaks, CA:  SAGE Publications.

We evoke the world we perceive.

Dr. Jane Vella