Transformational Courses

The courses listed below served to revolutionize my thinking and gave me experiences that created new pathways.

Methods of Teaching Adults EHRD 616

This course powerfully weaved theoretical frameworks with practical learning to result in an integrated learning environment that formed me into a more critically aware teacher and learner. The course accomplished this through giving me vocabulary for ideas and concepts in the field of adult education, while also creating new categories of consideration in how learners learn and teachers teach. Additionally, this course then propelled me to use my new learning. Below, you will find my Teaching Portfolio which includes my teaching philosophy, a lesson plan, and my learning reflection from this course. I have also posted the finished lesson plan translated into the Moroccan Dialect of Arabic for your viewing.

Foundations of Adult Education EHRD 631

Due to scheduling challenges, this foundations class, ended up being the final course I took in my program. Thanks to its non-traditional placement within my course progression, I came to it with well-developed ideas, curiosities and convictions. Within a week of reading the syllabus and seeing an opportunity to interview someone within the AE field and read a book of choice, I had already set things in motion to interview the incredible Dr. Jane Vella and read Pedagogy of the Oppressed, by Freire. These two individuals have served as mentors to me over the past 10 years, so to sit with Dr. Vella and read Freire was an extraordinary privilege that I will continue to unpack in the years to come. Below, you can view my book review, my reflective interview paper, and my video summary of the texts we used to explore the topic of community-based education.

Introduction to Distance Education EHRD 673

Introduction to Distance Education was required to complete my Adult Education Certification. I enrolled in the course dutifully, but did not expect much of the content to professionally be applicable, nor personally be interesting. I was wonderfully wrong! This course opened up vistas of seeing education with new eyes and a widened lens that yielded opportunities that I had not conceived. It also is worth noting that the material did not do this on it’s own. Professor Hwang’s engaging way of hosting the course, made application of the material invigorating. Below, you can see a timeline of distance learning that I created, the presentation of my distance course that is currently running it’s second cohort this spring, and a brief tour of the course site.

Timeline of Distance Learning

Brief tour of the online course that is currently running

Directed Studies EHRD 685

Taking a directed studies course under the guidance of Professor Roumell allotted me the extraordinary privilege to pursue specific areas of study, implement ideas, reflect and realign. I was able to more deeply explore texts and authors that had been referenced in earlier course work and intentionally apply that learning into my professional context. Some of the rich learning that emerged through this course was creating and field testing a working draft of Brookfield’s CIQs modified for oral preference (or illiterate) learners, as well as an in person training for Moroccan women to facilitate the community health lessons utilizing ideas, methods, and attitudes formed through my studies. Beyond the material, the trust extended by Professor Roumell empowered me to take charge of my own learning to a greater degree. Below, I have included the syllabus I drafted for the course, my adapted CIQ, photos from the training I completed along with my training plan, and reflective learning journal.

Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.

Paulo Freire